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 Welcome to the Copper and Brass Shower FAQs page! Here, you will find a range of information relating to indoor and outdoor copper and brass showers. Whether you are considering purchasing a copper or brass shower for your home or are simply curious about these unique materials, you've come to the right place. Read on to discover all that these materials have to offer!

Useful Links

Thermostatic Mixing Valve PDF

Outdoor Shower - Winter Use & Maintenance

Outdoor Shower - Internal Drainage Valve Installation

Natural Care Sheet

Lacquered Care Sheet

Finishes PDF

Outdoor Shower Catalogue

BSP to NPT - Plumbing Conversion PDF

BSP to NPT - Plumbing Conversion Video

Shower Installation Options PDF - Single Inlet

Shower Installation Options PDF - Hot & Cold Inlets


Copper & Brass Showers - Everything you need to know

What is a TMV valve, and what are the top reasons for using one in your shower?

Copper & Brass Finishes - Choosing your perfect finish 

Shining Bright: Expert Advice for Caring for Your Copper & Brass Items

Winter Shower Care 101: Advice For Winter Maintenance & Care 

Your Summer Saviour: Outside Showers

Copper Health & Wellbeing Environments

Unleashing the Beauty and Benefits of Copper Showers: A Guide to Luxury Showering


Commonly Asked Bathroom Shower & Outdoor Shower Questions

Cold Showers 

Copper Showers

Brass Showers

Outdoor Showers

Sauna Showers


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