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  • Your Summer Saviour: Outside Showers

April 15, 2019

It is mid April in Brighton - the sun is shining more frequently, the temperature is increasing incrementally and so are the crowds that emerge every weekend to enjoy it. Before long we will be in midst of heat wave similar to that of July 2018, where the unquenchable heat will send us from the parks, gardens and beaches to look for relief in the form of shade and refreshment.
Proper Copper Design Goes Swimming
 With this is mind, we have produced a range of copper outdoor showers, because what is more invigorating and exhilarating than standing in the buff, looking up at the sky as you cool down within an enclosure of your own design – perhaps an intermediary space between the home and garden. The warm yet minimal, industrial aesthetic of our single inlet showers makes them a perfect match for weathered, exterior garden walls or even well finished surfaces, such as those in a spa.
Copper Showers Studio and In Situ - Proper Copper Design
 It is well documented that a cold shower can have many health benefits, increasing metabolism, improving immunity, reducing pain, balancing sleep cycles and boosting mood-improving endorphins. Even our director Khan and designer Nic are strong advocates for finishing off a hot morning shower with a cold blast, or cold all the way through if they are feeling brave enough. 
 Our existing outdoor shower range offers variation in pipe diameters, showerheads, construction and are available in a multitude of finishes. We were especially pleased with Nic’s copper perforated bulb head - tighter in diameter, concentrating the flow and pressure and resulting a shower experience not too dissimilar to that of a massage.
Perforated Cap Shower Head
We will soon be listing single inlet outdoor showers in chrome, too, along with a range of bathroom accessories such as towel rails and racks - everything you need to keep you cool over the upcoming sticky summer months.