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Front door handle, photographed on an external door

Front Door Handle & Hardware Collection

Welcome to our front door handle collection, featuring a variety of high-quality handles to add style and functionality to your home's entrance. Choose from a range of finishes, including brushed nickel, polished chrome, antique brass, solid copper, and oil-rubbed bronze, to create a custom look for your front door. Our selection includes classic and modern designs, with some clients even choosing to fit these stunning handles in their kitchens for a statement piece.

Upgrade your home's exterior with our durable and stylish front door handles that are sure to impress your guests. At Proper Copper Design, we craft our heavy-duty handles from pure copper, brass, and chrome in our Brighton workshop, UK. Our collection is designed to make a statement and to catch the attention of all who enter your home, shop, or workplace.

We offer bespoke requests for finishes, modifications, and sizes. Contact us for further details and let us help you find the perfect handle to elevate your home's entrance. Shop our collection now and create an inviting and welcoming look for your home.