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Cabinet Hardware

Our cabinet furniture is available in a variety of stunning design styles, exquisite finishes and metals such as Copper, Chrome and Brass.
We specialize in copper handles, pulls and knobs, all of which are designed and hand-crafted in our Brighton workshop, UK.

All of these designs are modifiable in size and finish to suit your commercial or residential project.

About our Handles

All of our handles are manufactured and tested by Proper Copper Design to last the test of time. Copper is a sustainable metal that is rust-resistant and naturally anti-bacterial, making it the perfect choice for a bathroom or kitchen handle. 

Select from and explore our range of copper, brass and chrome handles above, or scroll down to read more about copper & brass, and the benefits of these materials. 

Our Finishes

Over time our team have developed and refined a range of different copper and brass finishes. Click the options below to learn more about our range of unique finishes. 

All finishes, with the exception of our natural copper or brass, are treated with an appropriate protective coating in order to help to protect and preserve the chosen finish. We make use of either a marine grade lacquer or a natural beeswax finish, with these varying depending on their suitability for the chosen finish.



High Polish




Matt Black

Copper Handle

Our Natural Finishes are amongst the most popular of our finishes range.

Over time, copper and brass that is left untreated will develop a natural layer of tarnish, darkening in colour to a variety of rustic tones. This layer brings both anti-microbial and corrosion resistant properties, making it a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Available in copper or brass.

Satin Handle

Our Satin Finishes are polished and finished to the same level of polish as our natural finishes, however each item is then protected with multiple coats of lacquer to protect and prevent natural tarnish from occuring.

Available in copper or brass. 

High polished handle

Our High Polish Finish involves taking the copper or brass through a number of stages of polishing in order to obtain an extremely deep and reflective surface.  This finish is perfect for obtaining a striking and luxurious feel in the chosen material. 

Available in copper or brass.

Antique aged handle

For our Antique Finish, we take the copper or brass through a natural tarnishing process. This process allows us to darken the material and give a finish that is bold and full of character. 

Available in copper or brass.

Marbled copper handle

For our Marbled finish, copper is heat-treated in order to create a colourful rainbow effect on the materials surface. Once a desired effect is achieved, this finish is lacquered to prevent the finish from dulling.

Available in copper.

Verdigris copper handle

Verdigris refers to the natural blue-green patina that develops when copper weathers as a result of exposure to air and seawater over time. Usually this is a natural process that occurs over many years, we however could not wait that long to release this finish as option on our copper hardware.

Available in copper.

Matt black copper handle

Our Matt Black Finishes are dyed in order to achieve a jet black appearance. Once a desired finish has been achieved, we lacquer the copper to freeze the state and prevent the colour from being lost. 

Available in copper.

Copper & Brass Benefits

Made to order




Crafting brass handles
Every handle is manufactured to order on-site in our Brighton workshop in the UK. 
With each handle being made to order, this allows us the freedom to build to our customers specifications and unique preferences. 

If you're looking for a custom size or specification for your project, do not hesitate to get in touch and we'll be happy to help. 
One of the brilliant properties of copper and brass is their ability to prevent the growth and proliferation of harmful germs, bacteria and viruses that are spread with the human touch.

Natural copper and brass when left unlacquered is a self cleaning metal, which is why we think that it is the ideal choice for handles. 

Use the scroll function on the image above to see an example of the natural tarnish of copper over time. This later of tarnish can either be left to develop over time, or alternatively can easily be cleaned and restored to its original shine. 
Copper Earth
At Proper Copper Design, we believe that our natural planet is worth protecting! that is why our products are crafted from recycled metals such as copper which can be returned and recycled time and again.

In fact 80% of copper that has ever been mined Worldwide is still in circulation today. In our workshop we ensure that all of our handles are engineered to be strong enough to last the test of time and are wrapped in eco-friendly packaging. 
Range of different handle finishes
Our range of handle collections cover a wide range of of different styles of finish, making each of the final designs a true statement piece.

From colourful marbled copper to traditional antique handles, we take great pride in working with genuine metals and high quality polishing and lacquering techniques. Please let us know if you have a bespoke finishes request for your handle project.

Extra Services

Order a Sample

Visit Our Showroom


Metal Casting

If you're looking to make an order but would like to test to make sure your handle fits your home, simply place an order for a single sample handle. 

Sample handles will be sent out via Free Shipping (UK) and have a quicker overall lead-time to a full handle order, so we believe this is a great way to test your handles before making a full purchase. 
If you would like to see our range of handles in person, why not visit our new showroom?  

Located in Hove (UK), our showroom showcases a wide range of handles, showers and taps. 
Whether you would like to a custom handle size, finish or even a bespoke custom designed handle, our experts can offer you a free personal design service.

If you are interested in any customisation, please click below to get in touch and to learn more about our bespoke service. 
For bespoke items, we offer a casting service in which new completely unique items can be cast from a variety of metals.

We welcome all inquiries into whether this service might be suitable for your design idea or bespoke project, and can also cater to larger projects.

If you are interested in metal casting, please click below to get in touch and learn more about our casting service.