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Our Copper Finishes

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Our team have passionately developed and refined our collection of finishes in order to ensure each application is vivid and enduring. We enjoy mastering the variety of tonal finishes that copper has to offer. To order samples of our finishes, please follow this link to our product listing. To read up on our range of finishes, please see below. 

Lacquered Finishes (protecting copper finishes):
When a copper finish has been established, the products are sent away to our lacquering specialists who apply two to three coats of marine-grade lacquer to achieve a finish that is long lasting and smooth to the touch. The products are then returned to us for inspection prior to packing.

Standard Finishes:

NATURAL: Natural Copper-proper copper design-design service copper
The Natural Copper Finish is one of our most popular choices, as over time it will reap the full benefits of coppers antimicrobial properties. Once a product is made, it is rough sanded back to a raw state, then gradually polished up to a smooth and shiny satin finish. Over time this will tarnish, darkening in colour to a variety of rustic tones - the darker the colour the greater the antimicrobial properties.

MATT: matt copper-copper patinas-how to make a copper finish
For the Matt Lacquered Finish, the copper is stripped back to a raw and exposed state, before then being worked up through a variety of polishing grades to achieve the desired finish. The matt finish has a flat, brushed appearance, which is sealed with a clear marine lacquer.

SATIN: Satin Copper-copper interiors-copper designers
Items specified for the Satin Finish are sanded back to their raw state, before then being gradually polished up to a smooth and shiny satin finish through a series of increasingly finer grades. These products are then cleaned and checked over before being sent away to our specialist lacquering team who then apply 2-3 coats of marine grade lacquer to preserve the shiny satin appearance.

HIGH POLISH: High polished copper-shiny copper-luxury copper-pink copper-rose gold handles
High Polish Finish is the most worked out of our standard available finishes. The products, when specified to a high polish finish, are stripped back to a raw and exposed state, and then worked up through a series of increasingly finer grades until a mirror like quality has been achieved. We then lacquer our high polish products to preserve this appearance.

BRASS: brass finish-showers-taps-handles-kitchen accessories
Our Brass Products, whether that is rod, sheet or fittings, are polished to a matt finish as standard to bring out the materials natural gold glow. This is achieved by stripping the material back to a raw and exposed state before polishing it up to a matt finish through a series of grades. Our brass products are available in natural and a lacquered finish.




Speciality Finishes:

MATT BLACK: Matt black-copper finishes-propercopperdesign-
Our Matt Black products are stripped backed to the materials bare surface and cleaned to ensure the application of the dye is even and consistent. Once the material has achieved a matt black appearance, the reaction is frozen and the product is lacquered immediately to prevent the finish from dulling.

MARBLED COPPER: propercopperdesign-marbledfinish-rainbowfinish-copperfinishes-patinas-copper-finihses-heated copper
Products specified for a Marbled Copper Finish are stripped back to the materials bare surface and then cleaned. The copper is then heat treated until the desired appearance has been achieved before the reaction is frozen. As with matt black, the product is lacquered immediately to prevent the finish from dulling.

AGED COPPER: Aged Copper-copper patinas-proper copper design
Products specified for an Aged Copper Finish are stripped back to the materials bare surface and then cleaned. We then take the copper through an oxidization process until the desired appearance has been achieved. The product is then lightly sanded back to enhance the aged, weathered effect prior to lacquering.

VERDIGRIS: verdigris-copper-propercopperdesign-brighton-coppersmiths-copper finishes-aged copper-copper patinas
First the copper is rough sanded back to a raw and exposed state and cleaned of any debris. This maximises the surface area and improves the overall texture of the finished application. We then apply our refined Verdigris solution, leaving the copper outside and allowing the chemical reaction to take place. We wash off any excess and reapply the solution, repeating this process to build up the Verdigris finish until it reaches the desired hue. We wash and clean the finished piece before lacquering it with multiple coats of marine grade lacquer, ensuring the Verdigris finish remains vivid for years to come.
Blog Post: (Mastering Verdigris).



We suggest ordering a sample, before placing any large orders. To order a sample of our copper finishes, please follow this link

Natural Copper or Lacquered Copper?

Copper and its alloys are natural antimicrobial materials, meaning that they have an inherent ability to kill harmful bacteria rapidly and efficiently – greater than 99.9% within two hours.

As our products are constructed from WRAS approved, pure copper, they too will display these antimicrobial characteristics when a natural, untreated finish is specified. As the untreated copper oxidizes, the product will become even more effective at eliminating harmful bacteria.

Natural ageing process


An example of the colour changes that naturally occur as untreated copper reacts and oxidizes due to moisture within the air and other environmental factors. This layer of tarnish can be easily cleaned and restored (see our FAQs page for care instruction), or alternatively left to gain the anti-microbial benefits as described above.

Due to these antimicrobial properties of copper, we feel as if this makes It the ideal material for use in applications where there is frequent physical contact, e.g. doorknobs and handles, push plates and faucet handles.

proper copper design hand lacquering a polished copper handle

Whilst lacquered copper does not retain the anti-microbial properties of its natural counterpart, it brings with it a protective coating that retains a desired finish, and that can be easily cleaned with warm, soapy water. Full details regarding care instructions for lacquered finishes can be viewed on our FAQs page and will also be provided along with each purchase.

As standard, the following finishes are all sent to have a protective lacquer applied: Matt, Satin, High Polish, Marbled, Matt Black, Aged Copper, Brass and Verdigris

To order tiles of our finishes, please follow this link. 

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