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Design Service

Bespoke design and customisation options for copper interiors
We always welcome the opportunity to complete a bespoke request, as we believe there is a great degree of satisfaction in producing a design that meets the specific requirements of an individual and in doing so providing our clients with something truly original and unique to them. We ask for the following information, where applicable. The more detail we receive at this stage the sooner we will be able finalise a design and provide you with accurate costs and lead times.
  • Full address and contact details
  • Brief outline of your project requirements
  • Dimensions, sketches and precedents 
  • Desired finish (details of our finishes can be viewed on our finishes page)
  • Project budget and time-frame
 If you can envisage a variant of an existing design, or have an idea for something different entirely, please do give our designers a call on 
01273 973650 or email to discuss your project.