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Design and creativity is at the heart of our workshop in Montgomery Street, Brighton, UK. This historical building is filled with natural light and is a clean balance of studio space and makers benches, which we have lovingly crafted using the wood from existing features. We use this space to freely develop ranges of innovative products that are clever and attractive but functional for the modern home.

We enjoy sharing ideas and experimenting with coppers variable qualities and finishes. Our strength is in many creative skills and interests that our team has to offer from carpentry, spatial design to product design and we share our knowledge, which enriches our making process. The design service that we offer allows us to work personally with clients to bring their vision to life.

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Proper Copper Design is inspired by industrial living spaces and the transformation of reclaimed materials into elegance. As we look to the future we will be producing everything from elaborate copper water features, furniture, kitchens, bathrooms to minimal hardware and as a team of young makers we are driven by our passion for design and idea collaboration. 

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The core of the business will be the innovation-hub, a workshop space which centres around creative development in which the team will experiment with techniques, designs and materials to keep the business looking to the future.

Workshop Ethos


We believe that the well-being and happiness of our team is of the utmost importance to keeping our creativity and energy at its peak. Living so close to the beach allows us the luxury to take a break together and enjoy the beautiful planet on which we live.

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We are proud to say that our workshop is a fun place to work, where each of our opinions and ideas are valued equally. When it comes to any advancement within the business we share skills and collaborate for a common goal.

Since our humble beginnings crafting at home we have always cooked for each other and eaten together at lunchtime. Today we still feel that this is invaluable time spent together enjoying excellent food and sharing our thoughts, each and every day.

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In order to expand our knowledge we allow ourselves the time to get side tracked by researching techniques both new and old. We believe that learning is a gift and hope to expand our workshop into a school of thought in which we will show more young people how to be makers, hiring them because of their passion rather than their qualifications.

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Young Makers (Making Process)

In the last two years Proper Copper Design team has grown rapidly, bringing together onto the workshop floor a number of diverse, creative individuals from across the city with their own skill-sets and ideas, who all take pride in producing high quality, original pieces for our customers across the world. The resulting workshop environment is one that fosters innovation, skill-sharing and personal development.

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