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outdoor shower collection - copper showers, brass showers and custom made showers available

Outdoor Shower Collection

Welcome to our collection of Outdoor Showers. Designed to provide a refreshing and elegant touch to your garden design, sauna, spa resort, or swimming pool area. Our showers are crafted from natural genuine metals such as copper and brass for a warm and inviting feel. We offer a range of shower options including single feed cold showers and hot and cold mixer showers, hand-finished to your desired finish for a personalized touch.

The durability, rust & corrosion resistance of copper and brass make them ideal for outdoor showers – along with being sustainable and recyclable materials. Low maintenance and manufactured with winter drainage valves, our showers are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Whether you live in a hot and humid climate, a cold and snowy area, or a seaside resort our showers are made to last.

Contact us for bespoke shower solutions. Our clear installation instructions, including drainage instructions, make it easy for anyone to install the shower unit. Let us help bring your outdoor shower vision to life.