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Proper Copper Design : Building Our Workshop

October 05, 2017

building the workshop

Proper Copper Design originally started in Brighton in a humble garden shed where we struggled to keep up with the demand for our handles and hardware. It wasn't long before we started to look for a place we could call our own!

We searched high and low and all along the East Sussex coast before we stumbled upon the perfect Industrial Unit in Hove. Could it be.. Hove Actually??

We set about ripping out the interior which used to be a large format printers for 7 years and it came with a heavy table pretty much set into it's foundations, It took sweat and enthusiasm to rip out the last few features, paint the walls and get it down to a bare shell.

The table was an old relic and has lots of memories attached to it for our landlord so we have promised him that we will recreate our own workshop benches from the timber.

Proper copper design, workshop-blog-year twobuilding our first workshop, proper copper design, copper homeware, copper taps-copper handlescopper workshop-copper kitchen mixer tap uk copper smithkhan erkeksoy-designing and building the workshop-copper hardware-ukkoi carp mural-Charlie Rallings-khan erkeksoy

The table left a perfect mural shaped space and it wasn't long before I had dreamed up a mural that would bring some atmosphere to the room.

Charlie Rallings-murals-brighton think big

The ghosts of Koi carp appear on the floor and we finish the ceiling which took up most of our evenings but we still had a smile on our faces because we have finally got our workshop!

khan erkeksoy- workshop-proper copper design


By Khan Erkeksoy

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