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  • Mastering the Verdigris Copper Finish

April 09, 2019

Over the last few months we have been mastering a Verdigris finish for our copper handles, taps and showers. Verdigris refers to the natural blue-green patina that develops when copper weathers as a result of exposure to air and seawater over time. Usually this is a natural process that occurs over many years, we however could not wait that long to release this finish as option on our copper hardware.
verdgris blue green patina copper tile
  After plenty of trial and error experimenting with different solutions, application methods and patiently waiting for the Verdigris to build up, we began to achieve consistent results with the hue and texture we desired. We were especially happy to achieve this finish using a solution that did not rely on harsh chemicals, and instead utilised many natural household ingredients.
copper verdigris blue green patina texture
Our favoured process involves rough sanding the copper back to a raw and exposed state, maximising the available surface area for the first application of the Verdigris solution. After applying the solution to the copper we leave it outside exposed to the elements, checking on the development of the patina daily, washing away excess crusting and reapplying the solution. In a week, the copper develops a beautiful blue-green colour, and a texture that is smooth to touch but visually is rough and weathered. You can see some images of our Verdigris process along with other images from our workshop on our Gallery page.
Copper U Pull Verdigris Patina Blue Green
In order to preserve the finish, we treat the copper with three coats of marine grade lacquer - this ensures that the colours do not dull and the texture is not lost.
We look forward to fulfilling requests to apply this finish to a variety of products we offer.
By Ed Moriarty