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About Us

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Proper Copper Design is the leading design studio for innovative handmade-to-order copper interior products. We take pride in producing high quality and original products for individuals across the globe. From idea development through to production we specialise in developing minimal designs that compliment a modern home, celebrating both the aesthetic and functional qualities of industrial materials such as copper and brass.

Our aim, to inspire you with beautiful, practical designs that are finished to unmatched quality, and hope you will find something that you need, want and love.


Khan Erkeksoy - Proper Copper Design

Our managing director Khan Erkeksoy started out his working career as a carpentry apprentice, working on building renovations throughout Sussex, UK. Despite being a natural craftsman and now a skilled carpenter, the often solitary nature of this line of work resulted in Khan, a social and outgoing person, packing away his tools and volunteering at a school of children with behavioural difficulties, where he enjoyed mentoring students and later became a teaching assistant. In doing this, Khan found the community that was absent on site, however he also surrendered his avenue for creative expression and stimulation. Unable to exercise this desire by implementing alternative approaches to learning, he soon became disillusioned by the restrictive nature of a bureaucratic education system.

It was in the evenings after school where the wheels for Proper Copper Design were set in motion. Having finished building his mothers kitchen cabinets and installing the worktops, the final touch was needed - a generic tap from the predictable outlets would not cut it. After a visit to the local plumbers merchant and building his own Copper tap with pipe and fittings, Khan recognised the potential of the materials warm yet industrial aesthetic and the endless possibilities offered by interchangeable components.

Trained as a carpenter, our director Khan Erkeksoy recognised the potential for the material’s industrial yet warm aesthetic whilst working alongside other trades. The high demand for his subsequent designs has brought together onto the workshop floor a range of young talents from across the city, from artists, product designers to blacksmiths who all take pride in producing high quality, original pieces.


Proper Copper Design is by all means ‘grass roots’ in the nature of its development, operating from a garden shed in the suburbs of Brighton for two years prior to moving to our Hove based workshop in October 2017. The resulting workshop structure is one that prioritises team development over financial gain, and as a team we are moving in a direction that aims to nurture skill sharing and traineeship, from skills needed to succeed in an increasingly digital orientated world, to timeless crafts such as coppersmithing, carpentry/joinery and metalworking.