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May 17, 2019

In this blog post, we’ve put together an overview of our bespoke design services, providing some examples of the multitude of ways in which our products can be modified and adjusted in order to best suit our customers needs.

As well as offering the ability to customise and modify items, we’ve also included a section outlining our bespoke, commission-based service, of which our team of varied backgrounds and skill-sets are on-hand to help bring a range of exciting design projects to life. 


Modification Service 

One of the real benefits of handcrafting items to order is the flexibility that it offers, whereby it is perfectly feasible for us to alter and make a range of adjustments to any given design in order for it to best suit a particular set of requirements.

tap designs

Whether this change might simply be a small adjustment made to a certain measurement, or a unique, new piece inspired by one of our existing designs, we are always happy to to craft new or modified items for our customers, feeling that doing so helps keep us inspired and motivated in our work. 

copper tap finishes example

As well as changes to measurements, we are also able to alter the colour and appearance of any of our products. With a broad range of different unique finishes on offer, these can be applied to all of our copper-ware, helping to provide a means to find the best fit for your chosen home or interior colour scheme. 


Bespoke Design and Commission Service 

Above: An example of some of the various stages of our bespoke design service. 


With experience in a wide variety of areas including : Architecture, Product Design, Carpentry, Ceramics and Mural Art, our team aim to provide a full design service in which we can help with both small and large projects.

Whether for your home, a shop-fit out or a larger interior project, we’ve tried to keep a personal and relatable service, keeping our customers involved throughout the design process whilst trying to use our combined skill-sets to provide the most useful service that we can.

No matter the requirement or the scale of the project, we feel as if copper is an ideal material for a whole host of applications. Through the use of different craft processes, the materials characteristics can be changed in many fascinating ways that can be both visually beautiful and beneficial functionally.


Getting in Touch 

Our interest and appreciation for copper as a material, combined with our genuine enjoyment and satisfaction in hearing from the people who have visited our website and have contacted us, help provide for us a sense of continual interest and engagement in our work.

The ability to be able to commune with and craft items for people all over the world really is a novel one that we are very grateful for, and as such we continue to look forward to hearing from our customers and the many interesting potential future projects to come.

If you've perhaps had an idea in mind that you would like to go over with us, we'd really love to hear about it. We're interested in projects of all shapes and sizes, so please do get in touch via our contact page and we'd be very pleased to hear from you. 


By Nic Grogan 

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