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Copper Stove Top Tagine and Spun Iron Bowl


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A Classic Design Cast Iron 7 pint oven safe casserole bowl with a solid Copper Tagine lid is hand polished to a soft lustre and has a hand applied traditional tin lining and British oak knob. This Tagine bowl is perfect for kitchen table service, with its elegant and impressive exterior. Lovingly handcrafted in Shropshire by Netherton Foundry, it is of remarkable quality that cannot be matched.

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Spun Iron Casserole bowl: 
Width across the rim 12⅛ " (30.7cm) 
Width across the base 9'' (23cm) 
Height 4" (10cm) 
Weight 3.65 kg (8lbs) 
Capacity 7 pint (4 ltr). capacity measured to rim. The cooking food capacity is around two and half to three litres.  
Copper Tagine lid:
11¼" wide (27cm) and 6'' (16.5cm) high.
Weight  0.796 kg ( 1lb 12ozs)
Height of the bowl, lid and knob: 10'' (25cm) high.



  • Expertly Handcrafted in Shropshire UK

  • Original to you no two pans are the same

  • Genuine Copper

  • Food grade approved


  • Twin spouts for right and left handed pouring

  • non-stick tin lining copper pan

"Tin lined copper pans have been used in the kitchens of the world's finest restaurants since the 17th century and today are still found on the stoves of discerning cooks around the world."

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