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Brass Shower Head - Small Bell Traditional


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A traditional bell shaped Brass Shower Head is a beautiful classic finish to your shower. This British round shower head design is manufactured from solid brass with direct round rainfall shower feature.

          • Originally designed and manufactured by Proper Copper Design in Brighton, UK.
            (Made in England).
          • Our shower heads are manufactured from genuine copper and brass; natural, sustainable materials that do not rust or corrode and are fully recyclable.
          • Suitable for both; internal (bathroom shower) or external (outdoor shower) installations.
          • Suitable for all plumbing systems, both domestic and commercial applications.
          • Worldwide shipping available.
          • Prices exclude VAT.
        • Natural Polished Brass Finish:

          The brass is expertly polished and then left untreated, in time this will darken to it's naturally bronze colour. If you wish to polish the shower back to it's original shine you can do so with brass cleaning products.

          Natural Tarnished Brass

          Satin Brass (Lacquered):

          Items specified for the Satin Lacquered Finish are sanded back to their raw state, before then being gradually polished up to a smooth satin finish through a series of increasingly finer grades. These products are then cleaned and checked over before being treated with 3 coats of marine grade lacquer to help preserve the shiny satin appearance.

          Satin Polished Brass

          Specialist Finishes:

          A range of specialist finishes are available upon request.

          Specialist Finishes

        • Installation:

          This shower head is sold only for wall-mounted installation. 

          • Sizes available:

            122mm - 4.80" Inches Shower Head Diameter. 

If you have any questions please contact us via email: alternatively call us on: +44 (0)1273 973650 we would love to hear from you.