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Metal Plating Service

metal plating, brass plating, chrome plating

To offer further customization and design potential to your project, we are happy to offer a metal plating service.  Whether you are looking for a bespoke item to be polished and plated, or would like one of our existing products with a different metal finish, our plating service allows for further customization into the appearance of any of our products.
Metal plating provides a means by which to coat a base material with another metal, which can bring both aesthetic and functional benefits to the original material.
If you are interested in metal plating, please do give our designers a call on 
01273 973650 or email to discuss your project.

Plating Information:

 When getting in touch, any of the following details are useful to us for providing advice regarding plating: 

  • Brief outline of your project requirements.
  • Desired choice of plating material.
  • Full address and contact details. 

At Proper Copper Design, we work primarily with copper and brass. We offer a number of plating options on these materials : 

  • Copper plating (Satin or Highly Polished)
  • Brass plating (Satin or Highly Polished)
  • Chrome plating (Highly Polished)
Our standard lead-times for plating are between 1 - 2 weeks from order confirmation. We also offer a faster, express service where required. Please contact us if you require this service. 

The process of plating involves using electricity to coat one metal with a thin layer of another. This process works by creating electrical attraction between the atoms of one metal and another metal, resulting in a thin layer of this material being attracted to the surface of the other. 

Get in touch:

If you would like to inquire into our plating service then please do get in touch
Whether you have a specific design in mind, or would simply like to discuss the potential benefits that this process could bring to your project, we would love to hear from you.