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Installation and Maintenance FAQs


All of our handles are supplied with the necessary screws for fitting.

Installation is quick and easy, and simply involves screwing into the handle from the back of your chosen fitting surface (door, drawers etc.).

Our hanging ceiling pan racks are installed using 80mm zinc ceiling hooks. These are included with each order.

We supply instructions for installation, however we suggest that you have your hanging racks and rails installed by a professional, ensuring that each fixing is secured to a ceiling joist.

Ceiling hook image for the hanging rails

Yes, we supply the necessary fittings for all of our products, including appropriate instructions for items that require assembly / specific fitting steps.

Yes, if you are able to please get in touch, then we will be happy to send over the replacement instructions.

Maintenance :   

Cleaning a marbled copper tap

For treated (lacquered) items:

we suggest :

- Lacquered items generally require little maintenance, however a simple clean and dusting every now and then can help to bring back your coppers shine.

- Clean with a damp soft cloth, using a small amount of soapy water.

- Gently dry completely with a soft, non-abrasive cloth.  

We suggest avoiding:

-The use of household cleaners or disinfectants, as these can cause surfaces to be damaged.

-Try to avoid the use of rough, abrasive cleaning equipment.


Natural Copper :

Copper will gradually age over time, darkening in colour to a variety of rustic tones. Below are a number of cleaning tips for the removal of tarnish from your copper items.

We suggest:

- Copper can be restored to its original shine by polishing with a metal cleaning product such as BRASSO. This product can be purchased both Online or at your local hardware store.

- There are also many other methods for cleaning copper. Information regarding these can be found Online, or alternatively we can offer tips and advice regarding this matter if you would like to get in touch with us.

We suggest avoiding: 

-The use of household cleaners or disinfectants, as these can cause surfaces to be damaged.

-Avoid the use of rough, abrasive cleaning equipment.


In order to create a strong, long-lasting finish that is able to both prevent copper from tarnishing and protect from general wear and tare, we apply multiple coats of hard-wearing marine-grade lacquer to all of our treated products. The lacquer is just like any protective coating applied to a material - it is a preventative to help protect the materials finish.

Designed for both interior and exterior use, this clear lacquer provides excellent protection against elements and has a high resistance to cracking or flaking.