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  • Copper Pots and Pans Made in England

September 08, 2021

What makes Copper pots and pans better to cook with ?

Copper is the most conductive engineering metal available. It's twice as conductive as aluminium and an amazing 25 times more conductive than stainless steel. Our tin lining is a magical material; it is extremely non stick and it protects the Copper from acidic food and corrosion. Tin doesn't taint food or hold strong flavours.


Where are these Artisan pots and pans made?

Our collection of Copper Pots, Pans and Tagines have been hand crafted by expert Copper Artisans at Netherton Foundry in Shropshire UK.

Nertherton Foundry Employee

What are the advantages of Cheffing with Copper pans?

There are many advantages to Copper pans, Copper is very intuitive to use and responds quickly to changes in power. Copper pans ensure that heat is distributed evenly across the base and sides of the pan, meaning food is cooked evenly.


As Copper pans heat up extremely fast, this results in much less energy and cooking time needed. No metal coatings are used in the making process of our pans, meaning that users do not need to be concerned about the risks from chemical non-stick coatings.

Copper Tagine Pot

 Why do we support metal workers in the UK?

Metal work is an extremely sustainable trade, as new tin lined Copper pans have been widely unavailable for more than 25 years. The sustainable way of finding, resorting and retaining vintage pans has now been developed, and is a process largely used in France and the USA. Which is why we have been overjoyed since discovering Nertherton Foundry, a UK based company, who have been tin lining pans since 1818.

Copper Pan being crafted

 Why are Copper pots and pans sustainable?

Furthering the above, Copper trading is extremely sustainable, possibly one of the most sustainable metals. Copper recycling also plays an important role in Coppers availability since today’s 'primary Copper' is tomorrow’s recycled material. The recovery and recycling of Copper also helps to satisfy the increasing demand and to build a sustainable future for future generations.


It is highly unlikely that we are going to run out of resources of Copper. Historically there has always been, on average, 40 years of reserves and 200 years of resources left since 1950.

Netherton Foundry logo

Where can I hang my pots and pans?

Found your perfect pans but don't know where to store them? At Proper Copper we have a wide range of Copper kitchen storage solutions, all of which are both practical and attractive. From wall mounted rails to hanging racks, your Copper pans can take pride of place in your kitchen!


Our Wall Mounted Copper Pot and Pan Rail is a great example of rail to display your Copper pans as it is designed for the hanging of Cast Iron Pans, making it a great durable storage solution.


Browse to shop our Kitchen storage solutions now via the following link to get your hands on your very own Copper storage solution,

Proper Copper Chrome Pan Rail

 Cleaning your Copper Pans

After use, wipe the inside and outside of the copper saucepan with soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Do not use an aggressive scourer, or you will rapidly wear through the lining and it will require re-tinning.

Netherton Foundry Copper Pan set

Helpful tips for your Copper pans

  1. If you are cooking meat or fish - oil the food, not the pan.

  2. Be patient;allow the food to cook before trying to turn it over.

  3. Don't fry food straight from the fridge, allow it to come up to room temperature.

  4. The pan bodies are spun by hand, so each one is slightly different. They will not all be as flat as a billiard table.

  5. Use a hob the same size as the pan base, small rings WILL warp big pans.

  6. Never drop a hot pan into cold water. This will buckle it.


Purchase your Copper pans here:


Purchase your Copper kitchen storage here:


All images used in this Blog post are of the rights of Netherton Foundry, who we would link to thank for their on-going support through this collaboration.

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