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  • Behind The Scenes at Proper Copper Design 2020

February 19, 2020


What is day to day life like at the Proper Copper Workshop?

The morning light shines onto the work benches and house plants as ambient music is playing and a member of our team is prepping the days orders and others are sat up at the desks answering new customer enquiries.
Khan the owner and Workshop Manager holds morning discussion covering the goals for the week and updating the team about any bespoke or bulk orders.
There is constant communication throughout the day, chatter across the workshop and skills being taught to the younger apprentices in the room. Each order is crafted precisely by the team before grouping together and polishing all the copper products until they are gleaming.
We then have a quick break for a delicious home cooked meal!
The orders are quality control checked and then they are coated at the lacquering station and left to dry overnight. Previous orders are carefully packaged to be shipped Worldwide in the afternoon.

cooking in workshop relaxed kitchen eat together

Why is cooking lunch for each other so important?

Every day one of us will cook for the rest of the team and we come together for a sit down meal in our kitchen or on the sunny balcony!
We have had this tradition since the company first started at home and it brings joy into our day. We feel energized after eating tasty veggie lunches every day, filling us with natural energy. The team gets to try new cuisines, practice cooking and sit together sharing a love of food making memories.

Team working together in the workshop

How has Proper Copper Design evolved recently?

We have refined the workshop production line and rebuilt our packing area ready for a busy year. Recently we made the move to improve our packaging removing our use of plastic from any parcels that we post out, looking for greener alternatives.

inside a shower box
The team has been busy expanding our brand into new global markets and making a beautiful catalogue of products both printable and online.
Their are also exciting plans to open our very own showroom in Hove this year, in order to display our copper homeware to local interior style lovers.
We will be expanding on our collections and releasing new innovations this year.

making copper shower

What are our 5 words that describe workshop life?

Harmony, Creativity, Craftsmanship

Forward Thinkers!

lady working at desk building orders

What makes our workplace different from others?

We work in an environment that is not run as a hierarchy, instead we share skills and work equally on projects with an emphasis on creative thinking and teamwork.

polished and lacquering station at Proper Copper

Khan enjoys sharing his knowledge and teaching the team about business, allowing each person to give their opinion on how we could improve on the brand and making process. We respect eachother and we are proud to be the original makers of copper handles that we continue to produce with the highest standards of quality.

designs on the table
Khan encourages every member of the team to make something from copper in the workshop even if this is not part of their daily role allowing them to get a feel for the material. The workshop is a light and airy space that we enjoy working in together to produce innovative and stylish products for the modern home which we will continue to do so for the future.


copper handles on cabinets

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