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  • Africa House Refurbishment (Week 1) - Murals and Design Work

June 01, 2018

We are thrilled to announce that we will be beginning a interior design project that combines Copper furnishings by Proper Copper and my own mural artworks (Charlie Rallings) for our dear friend Will Jones. 
Will owns a luxury African safari company called Journey By Design which has it's headquarters in Brighton in a large building named Africa House. On the bottom floor is a cafe space which Will has decided to transform this year into an themed space.
The ethos of the project is the following "To adventure and fellowship" with running themes such as embracing diversity,being kind whenever possible, being adventurous and curious ideas and artworks will blossom.
I cannot reveal too much about the plans for the space at this time but I will be writing a running commentary about the development of both the inside and outside of the building as it will be extremely exciting collaboration between interior designers, architects, mural artists, botanical specialists etc.

 Africa House, brighton think big, murals, charlie rallings, proper copper design Along the side of the building is a pedestrian alleyway which at the moment is a little rough around the edges but Will is hoping to bring colourful murals, cobbled floor and an outdoor seating area to the street.

Botanical plants will be hung on the walls in beautiful rust coloured planters so as I plan my African themed mural I need to be wary of where they will hang.

Africa House, brighton think big, murals, charlie rallings, proper copper design Africa House, brighton think big, murals, charlie rallings, proper copper design My design is create from a mixture of collages from colourful and floral patterns and embellished artworks that I had found online and loved. The animals may be changed to be more African based but the style is where I will begin. I am excited to use such a vibrant colour pallet, especially baby pink!

Brighton think big I began painting around the side door on the alleyway to checkout my paints, get a sense of scale and get the project in motion.
Here are photos of the doorway mural as inspired from the design above, this artwork took 3-4 days and is painted with spray paint and Valspar exterior emulsion.
africa house, explorers exchange, proper copper design, brighton think big brighton think big, proper copper,charlie rallings, khan erkeksoy brighton think big, proper copper,charlie rallings, khan erkeksoy, mural painting,  I have stopped my mural at this drain and I will continue down the wall with the elephants and leopards etc once the weather warms up abit!

Meanwhile the inside of the building has been gutted and the stone walls were blasted back to it's bar brickwork.

brighton think big The depth of the main room as a bare shell.

proper copper design An inspirational mood-board of the type of interior design style to help you envisage the vibe of the space once it is furnished. Many tropical murals, hanging plants and rustic features will make this place have a one of a kind atmosphere.

charlie rallings


By Charlie Rallings

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