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(new shower) Copper and Brass Shower -

(ADD SHOWER NAME) copper and brass shower, complete with unique hand-pressed shower head.

Featuring a single-inlet, this shower is sleek and refined in form, making it a great choice for modern and minimal settings. The horizontal shower-head makes for a striking design and unique alternative to a more traditional shower head, and offers an extremely refreshing and satisfying showering experience.

The antimicrobial properties of copper (in its natural finish) make this shower perfect for both home use and in public settings such as spas, saunas and other therapeutic spaces. Alternatively, our lacquered shower option provides protection from the natural tarnishing properties of copper, allowing it to retain its polished finish for many years to come.

We also offer this design as a standard hot and cold feed, available at the following link. (ADD LINK) 



  • Taps: Brass (Matt Finish)
  • Height: 1240mm
  • Projection: 520mm
  • Inlet Centres: Single-Feed
  • Handle to Showerhead: 1100mm
  • Pipe Diameter: 22mm - 28mm 
  • Finishes Available: Natural Copper or Satin Lacquered 
  • Handmade in Brighton, England. 
  • Lead Times: Between 2-4 weeks.
  • Pressure tested and suitable for all plumbing systems. 
  • Suitable for internal and external use - excellent corrosion resistance.