Cabinet Hardware

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Our copper cabinet furniture is available in a variety of stunning design styles, exquisite finishes and mixed materials.
Each of our luxurious handle designs is lovingly hand-crafted in our Brighton workshop, UK.


Copper Handles and Pulls
copper pulls-copper knobs-copper handles-drawer pulls-door pulls-door handles-cabinet furniture-copper cabinets-proper copper design-

Copper Knobs
copper knobs-copper handles-drawer knobs-door knobs-copper cabinet furniture-copper cabinets-proper copper design-knob

With a range of sizes and finishes available, our extensive range of pure copper hardware will transform kitchen cabinets, drawers, doors, and just about anything that can open.
We offer bespoke sizes on all of our handles, and can cater to projects both large and small.


Industrial Hardware:

The industrial style combines bold, functional components with the warm glow of copper. These handles are offered in many finishes and material combinations, and are popular for contemporary interiors where a bold statement can be made.

Chrome Handles, Pulls and Knobs
Chrome Handles-chrome pulls-yacht cabinet hardware-copper-chrome hardware-chrome knobs

Brass Handles, Pulls and Knobs
Brass ironmongery-cabinet furniture-pulls-drawer pulls-door pulls-wardrobe handles chrome-chrome hardware

Cabinet Furniture (Specialist Finishes)

These Specialist Handles are the result of extensive and playful experimentation into the many different possible tonal finishes copper has to offer.
Our team have passionately developed and refined our collection of finishes in order to ensure each application is vivid and enduring.

Copper Finishes-Copper Pulls-Matt Black-Marbled Copper-Oxidised Finish