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  • Africa House Mural Painting (inside) - Charlie Rallings

May 14, 2018

charlie rallings, mural painting, africa house artwork, explorers exchange 
charlie rallings, mural painting, africa house artwork, explorers exchangecharlie rallings, mural painting, africa house artwork, explorers exchange
The project in London Road is hurtling on at a rapid speed as a deadline had been set for a partial opening and a party at the end of January. Above are some mural designs based on vintage botanical illustrations for the meeting room.
I used these drawings as a basis for my painting but as I continue along the wall I will see how the plants fit into the space best.
Using Valspar Paints has allowed me to match the colours carefully to pastel blues and greens. Proper Copper Design has been asked to create taps, fixtures and an Africa sign for the bar wall of the cafe. Below is a curved copper tap installed in the downstairs bathroom.
african jungle painting-charlie rallings- khan erkeksoy, brighton think big, handpainting murals, why use spraypaint 

The large wooden panelled chandeliers with circular copper light fittings are hoisted to the ceiling, a glass wall divides the meeting room and the party decorations were put up in time for a 1960's celebration.

Although the building work is not yet complete the space looked fantastic! Ethiopian food was served, an acoustic band in colourful costumes, lot's of dancing and everyone dressed as from the Age of Aquarius.

Will was  great host and allowed everyone to party in the basement till the early hours, it has been a pleasure to work with all the members of the project from interior designers to carpenters.

The final photo is of the copper African sign constructed with small pieces of piping carefully following the perimeter of Africa and Madagascar with has been carefully fixed to the wall.

copper lighting, proper copper design charlie ralling and corrine taylor copper handlescharlie rallings

africa house murals Camilla Perkins Artwork prints by the fabulous illustrator Camilla Perkins.

proper copper design making the africa house sign

Proper Copper Design then crafted an Africa map sign for behind the bar.


By Charlie Rallings


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